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SMS Send


ESMS web interface makes it easy to send text messages, manage your contacts, co-workers or customers with a few clicks. No installation is required and you can log in wherever you may be, all you need is an internet connection.



Achieve rapid and effective communication with Mail2SMS or Email to mobile forwarding. Use your regular e-mail to send text messages, e-mails are converted and delivered to your recipient(s).

API / Gateway


For developers our high capacity gateway allows sending and receiving SMS messages, billing of mobile subscribers via standard API. It allows you to easily integrate this functionality into your own CRM, developed applications or solutions.


Virtual 'Long' Numbers


Subscribe on virtual mobile numbers - they enable your business or organisation to receive inbound SMS text messages from any mobile user on any mobile network, worldwide. Inbound messages are mapped to a pre-defined email address or you can choose to receive messages via HTTP if you wish to integrate this service with your own applications.

Simple to use

Our gateway takes care of the encoding, concatenate long messages and splits them according to message standards so that you can focus on your product or services.


For our example we will use 'curl', which is available for most operating systems.

curl " Company&destinationAddress=46700000000&userData=Hello World, I'm a message"

You can choose to receive your response in JSON or XML format.

We support all message types, with and without custom dataheaders.


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